If your same-old workout routine is boring you to sleep … if you just can’t get motivated with traditional workouts … then you’re going to love the workout inspired by ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars! Even if you’ve never danced before, this super-fun program will have you shedding pounds and shimmying like a pro sooner than you ever thought possible!

Introducing the complete Dancing with the Stars DVD set, featuring the show’s favorite professional dancers in two irresistibly entertaining high-energy workout sessions…

Join pro dancers Cheryl and Maksim and dance yourself slim with four sizzling and sexy Latin dance routines that feature some of the best fat-burning moves from the show. And because these hot Latin dances share many signature steps, you’ll find it easy to follow along. You’ll also get a specialized toning workout that dancers use to sculpt and lengthen their muscles.

Dance your way to fitness with gorgeous pro dancers Ashly, Kym, and Maksim. With this fat-blasting program, you’ll learn four choreographed dance routines featuring some of the best moves from the show. Then, shake things up with a bonus freestyle routine. Have fun, gain confidence on the dance floor, and build the beautiful body you’ve always wanted.